Just a little over a week ago, friends and family put on the Buddy Russ benefit at Wayne's Deli and bar in Sulphur, Louisiana on Sunday, February 5th, 2023.

A bunch of folks came together to volunteer to make this day a special and successful day for Your Buddy Russ. It was all to help raise money for medical expenses as Russ battles cancer.

The day was filled with a motorcycle and jeep poker run, live and silent auction, great free food, and a bunch of great food cooked by some great cooks. The inside of Wayne's and the back parking lot was slammed full of people attending the benefit.

Buddy Russ Pic

In the back was where the massive stage was located and there were a lot of great local talents who donated their time to play for free to help us help Buddy Russ.

Thanks to our good friends at Acoustic Room Sessions, they captured a few of the performances from that day and we wanted to share them with you in case you missed it.

Here are some videos from Acoustic Room Sessions from that special day. First up, Jamie Bergeron sings Mom, I'm Still Your Little Boy.

How great was that? Here is our buddy Greg Blanchard performing.

We also had a great trio perform live. Here are Judd Bares, Blaine Roy, Chris Breaux & Six String Rodeo.

We also had Brad Brinkley & Comfort Zone live playing live to get the benefit started at Noon that day.

Plus here is a video of all the events from the day along when Your Buddy Russ arrived and spoke to the crowd.  Check this out.

Big thanks to everyone who volunteer and showed up to support our good buddy Russ.  We hope you enjoyed these videos.

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