From time to time we all think about things that used to be around but are not anymore. Things that come to mind for us are things like pay phones, VCRs, bag cell phones, pagers, and Saturday morning cartoons.

We all love nostalgia and last week, we took a trip down memory lane when we saw this in Lake Charles. We were driving around in Lake Charles the other day when we noticed something that we thought was extinct.

Back in the day before we had those fancy metal poles that held the traffic lights and those green street signs, the traffic lights just hung by some wires. So when the traffic lights hung from the wires, where were the road street signs located?

Photo by Mike Soileau TSM
Photo by Mike Soileau TSM

Do you know what this is? We were on the corner of College and Ryan Streets in Lake Charles when we happened to look over and we saw this. It is an old-school street sign that is cement and buried in the ground.

It kind of looks like a miniature Washington Monument huh? Well back in the day before they started hanging the street signs on metal poles or next to the Traffic lights, you had to look for these at every intersection. They are kind of hard to read now but back in the day, you were looking for them while driving so you could make sure of where you were.

Do you remember these signs? Do you know where more are located around the area? Let us know so we can go check them out.

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