Yesterday, the SpaceX Program made history by launching into space. What did they launch? Not only did they rocket their first Falcon Heavy rocket into space, they carried Elon Musk's personal Tesla Roadster with them. It launched at 3:45pm yesterday and left Kennedy Space Center in a giant cloud of smoke. Everything went flawlessly, as reported back by SpaceX including the "flip maneuver" that allows the rocket housings to be reused. Essentially, they carry the payload up and then land themselves back down on mother Earth upright again, ready to go again. That in itself is a truly sci-fi movie-esque feat to see.

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The Falcon Heavy can truly carry its weight, 141,000lbs to be exact, and be reused after it launches and returns to earth.

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Your next question would be, did I read we shot a car into space? Yep, more specifically a Tesla Roadster. The rocket needed a payload to carry, so Elon Musk sent his personal Tesla on up with a dummy in the driver seat they named Starman. Unlike leaving on a jet plane, Starman and the Roadster won't be back anytime soon. The elliptical orbit it has been sent toward will have it orbiting for a very long time, millions of years perhaps.

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Now that this launch has been successful, pending lengthy studies over the next few weeks, SpaceX will begin working toward government contracts and also a larger rocket able to carry actual passengers into space. We are ALMOST there in becoming our own Rocketmen!