While covering Hurricane Nicholas, Weather Channel reporter and photographer Charles Peek stopped by a familiar sight from his last visit to Lake Charles. Charles was here with the Weather Channel last year during Hurricane Laura covering the storm from L'Auberge Casino. He was there with every city's arch-nemesis, Jim Cantore. Charles, like the rest of those who stayed, saw first hand how bad Lake Charles was after Laura blew in. Since then, he has traveled around with the Weather Channel covering other storms and events throughout the year.


As he was passing through the Lake Area on his way to Lafayette, he stopped by and took a photo of the still boarded-up Capital One building. His post was out of amazement that after a year, the city was still in such bad shape. Little did Charles know that he would get the explanations that he didn't ask for from the locals here in Lake Charles. Some of them were light-hearted while the others were straight to the facts about how the area will be this way for quite some time. Some commented about the federal aid that has taken forever for the area to receive, and others even said that we all have PTSD when we see that blue square logo with the words Weather Channel in them!

I reached out to Charles to ask to use a few of his photos that he captured during Laura, and he was so gracious to allow me to use them. I ran over to his website and was just in awe at how beautiful his photos really are.


If you have some time, I suggest giving them a look. I would probably stay away from the "Storms" section due to not wanting to relive that, but the snow ones are really pretty and way more relaxing. Thank you once again to Charles Peek for allowing us access to a few of his photos and next time he comes back through, let's hope it's to come eat and NOT cover a storm coming through. Safe travels!

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