The weather changes and suddenly, we get sick. It happens every year. Then out come the "home remedies" that your parents, uncles, aunts, or grandparents would break out. My grandmother would make peppermint tea, make me eat a peppermint, or even cure a headache with Skittles.

I surfed around the internet to see some weird remedies for getting a cold, it didn't disappoint.

Jazz - Jazz music has been proven to release immune proteins in your mucus to beef it up to combat that sickness. Bluegrass, soft rock, and even choral music have been show to do the same.

Wet Socks - Yea, that sounds just as dumb to me too. You apparently wet some long socks, slap em on. Then put on dry socks over the wet ones (which I assume will get wet eventually as well), and use a warm blanket. Doing so will stimulate your immune system and increase circulation (cause your feet are freezing, I guess).

Chocolate - Now that I have your attention. You used dark chocolate, make yourself some hot chocolate and sweeten it with a bit of honey. It will relieve a cough due to a chemical in the dark chocolate that suppresses nerve activity that makes you cough.

Raw Oysters - They're not just for "fun" times it seems. Oysters contain Zinc which helps in making your mucus healthy. You want healthy mucus so it can act as a better barrier from the outside environment.


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