Westlake citizens are all confused about what these random white specks are on their vehicles, plants, and other objects around their homes and properties. Jane Manino posted her photos on a Westlake Facebook Group in hopes of getting some answers. She found these white spots on her vehicles, mailbox, and even floating on top of the water in her pool.

Facebook, Jane Turner Manino

As the comments rolled in, other residents of Westlake said they were finding the same thing in various areas spread out across Westlake. One resident of Moss Bluff even chimed in saying that she saw some, but just assumed it was ash from her neighbor burning things in the yard. Jane, being concerned, went a step forward and called the Westlake Fire Department to ask what was going on. The Fire Department told her that they had received calls about the same situation, but that nothing had been called in, nor had they received any notification from the plants that there was an issue.

Facebook, Lee Ann Wilks

I remember a few times in the past that ash from some burning marsh had settled across the area due to some winds. Perhaps this is ash from something along those lines, but there's really no way to be certain at the moment. I dug around and tried to find some fires in Louisiana, perhaps blowing in with the new north breeze, but the only thing I could find was a 200+ acre fire up towards Shreveport that was contained. I do know that, just like the Sahara Dust, fire ash can travel quite a long way with the wind. Perhaps this is some ash from the fires in California? Either way, it sure is a weird sight to see and hopefully, it is nothing to be concerned about.

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