Enchanted mannequins coming to life to try on costume jewelry and fancy hats is all well and good. But what if your mannequins are already alive, and creepily filming you while you in the bathroom? Such was the case in Birmingham.

One rotten male mannequin was busted loitering in the women's restroom at the shopping mall, snapping photos of ladies using the loo. 9 News is reporting that a 22-year-old from Edgbaston man was busted for sneaking into the washroom "dressed like a mannequin with a mask and a wig." The police recovered photos of women's feet and a video with a flushing noise from the suspect. Apparently his mannequin disguise was good enough to fool at least a handful of people. And the suspect admitted this wasn't his first time posing as a mannequin in ladies restrooms. Yeach.

Way to ruin it for all the other magical mannequins, dude.

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