Emily J has already covered what people in Louisiana searched for the most last year, so today we're getting more local and finding out what people in Lake Charles searched for the most in 2016. The answers might surprise you.

First off, the term people in Lake Charles searched for the most was…”Lake Charles”, for some reason. I think maybe it was because a lot of people who found themselves in Lake Charles were surprised to find themselves in Lake Charles, so they hit up Google just to confirm that they were, in fact, in Lake Charles. I don’t know. It doesn’t make any sense.

Moving on to the 2nd most searched term, we have “Louisiana”, which just confuses things even further. First, people in Lake Charles were searching Google to find out if they were actually in Lake Charles, then they apparently needed confirmation that Lake Charles was still part of Louisiana. Which it was. People are weird.

But wait! It gets better.

The 3rd most-searched term in Lake Charles for 2016 was the word “You”. So now we have “Lake Charles”, “Louisiana”, and “You”. Put them all together, and people in 2016 clearly had no idea what was going on with their lives. Am I in Lake Charles? Are you? Is anyone? What is happening?!

The 4th term was “Google”, because I guess if you’re already confused about where you are in the real world, you’re probably equally perplexed about where you are in the online world. Naturally, this would lead people to go to Google to search Google for the word Google. Because nothing makes sense anymore.


The 5th term was “Facebook”, which was probably down to people just being too lazy to add the .com to the end when they typed it into their address bars, preferring instead to just click the first search result to head over to Mark Zuckerberg’s playground.

The same probably goes for the 6th term, which was “YouTube”. After that, we have “Weather” and “Games” in 7th and 8th place, respectively. Then, we get “Walmart” immediately followed by “Amazon”, which is probably what happens when people realize they almost just went to Walmart before they come to their senses and just order from Amazon whatever it is they almost went to Walmart for.

The rest of the most-searched terms get a little weird.

In 11th place, we have “Go”, which maybe goes back to the first few search terms of “Lake Charles”, “Louisiana”, and “You”. The only question is whether people were trying to say they wanted to “go” to Lake Charles when they were already here, or they wanted to get the heck out of here before they accidentally went to the Walmart on Nelson Road and got stuck in traffic until 2017. Or maybe they were searching for Pokémon Go, but without the Pokémon and just the Go. Whatever. It's a mystery.

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

The next term was "Craigslist", which I'm choosing to believe was down to people trying to buy used furniture or maybe find out which scalper had the best deal on Hatchimals instead of the more likely scenario of people using it as a creepier alternative to Tinder. Or maybe they were just looking for buy some weird stuff. Who knows? I'm not the judge of you.

The 19th most-searched term was “Trump”, for obvious presidential reasons. The 22nd term was “Maps”, which is strange, because I would’ve thought all the “Am I really in Lake Charles” questions might’ve been helped by a map, but whatever. 2016 was an odd year.

Finally, the 25th most-searched term of 2016 in Lake Charles was “Netflix”, which is probably what happens when people finally accept where they are and stop trying to get Google to convince them they’re anywhere else. They spend the year binge-watching shows like Stranger Things and Daredevil or whatever, and wait for it to all blow over.

Check out the full list of the top 25 things people in Lake Charles searched for last year:

  1. Lake Charles
  2. Louisiana
  3. You
  4. Google
  5. Facebook
  6. YouTube
  7. Weather
  8. Games
  9. Walmart
  10. Amazon
  11. Go
  12. Craigslist
  13. News
  14. Movies
  15. Yahoo
  16. Ebay
  17. McNeese
  18. CPSB
  19. Trump
  20. Gmail
  21. Tumblr
  22. Maps
  23. Academy
  24. Lowe's
  25. Netflix

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