It will be here quicker than you think. The day after Mardi Gras is that dreaded time, Valentine's Day. A day that single women hate, all men despise, and couples post selfies of their sushi and overly priced roses that "bae" got them. Sometimes you can get that lovely lady in your life a stuffed bear from Walgreen's and some pre-made flowers from Kroger and get by, but this lady is from SWLA! She needs a bit more perhaps. Here are some Valentine's Day gift ideas if you're lucky enough to have a lady from SWLA.

Crawfish - this one is pretty self explanatory, grab those mud bugs from your favorite spot, order some beer, and do that weird open palm grab when you go to get your 1000th paper towel from the table. Bonus: you won't have to dress up!

Frozen Daiquiri - No need for a fancy meal, catch you a frozen beverage of your choosing and go dance in a parking lot, I hear the glow from the refineries at the Civic Center are nice this time of year. Throw on some slow music and polish those belt buckles.

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Darrel's - Once again, you won't have to dress up, the food is amazing, unlimited napkins (only the best for you sweet thang), and you can have some whine while you listen to the jukebox that some drunk guy dumped $5 in to hear an entire Nickelback album.

On a budget - If you are "ballin' on a budget" Taco Bell just came out with their french fries! Catch those and a few dollar burritos. Light that weird candle your grandmother gave you that is supposed to smell like summer rain and have a night in. Is Taco Bell and Chill a thing? It is now!

Things NOT to give your SWLA Lady - Leftover Mardi Gras beads from the Krewe of Krewes Parade, a half melted daiquiri from the back of the float, and, last but not least, the rest of the boudin your cousin cooked on the grill from the K-Mart parking lot!

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Make it Special, whether you go all out or just something thoughtful. Remind her she's special and that you're happy she puts up with you.