The Oxford Dictionary was trying to find the world's most hated word so, of course, they turned to the internet for help by using the hashtag #OneWordMap.

What's that one word that just makes your skin crawl? Well, according to the Oxford Dictionary, some of the most hated words are: moist, phlegm, vomit, and panties.

Yeah, I definitely just got the heebie jeebies saying those words out loud. But I think we all knew "moist" would hold down that No. 1 spot. Who actually likes the word "moist"?

Unfortunately, the Oxford Distionary had to stop their search for the world's most hated word almost immediately, because people started submitting racist suggestions. Way to ruin the fun for everyone, jerks.

You can take a peek at some of the other worst word in the world contenders on Huffington Post's website.

So, what's your least favorite word?

[via Huffington Post]