Over the weekend, I asked some of our Gator friends what they would buy if I gave them $10,000 that they could only spend on something that started with the first letter of their last name.

Here are some of the responses:

Hannah Breaux: Booze. Or a bently.

Lauri Benoit: Boat

Dorothy Meaux: Meat

Tess Lacomb: Land

Gwen Lindberg: Loans to needy people

Franklyn Vogt: Vendetta...........maniacal laugh!!!

Jeanie Vail: This must be my lucky day!!!!! I will buy $10,000 of Valentine's Day candy. Yep, CHOCOLATE!!! Woo hoo

Thank you for the feedback!

I would put $10,000 toward a nice summer vacation. Maybe a cruise? Hmmm?

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