Tom Brady threw his 600th career touchdown. The ball, caught by Evans, was tossed into the stands and into the hands of Byron Kennedy. Kennedy was sitting in the end zone when eh record-breaking ball was tossed over. Although I don't do sports much, I would think you'd want that ball that got you the 600th touchdown and broke a record or two. The issue then becomes, what exactly is that ball worth in order to get it back from a fan? It's certainly more than a high-five and an autograph.

During a Monday Night Football simulcast on ESPN, Brady told the Mannings that with a lot of negotiation, he was indeed able to get the ball back from the fan. What did it take? According to Brady and ESPN it was a lot!

  • 2 signed Tom Brady Jerseys
  • Signed Tom Brady helmet
  • Evans Autographed Jersey
  • Evans' game-used cleats
  • A pair of season tickets for the rest of 2021 and all of 2022
  • $1,000 credit to the team's store
  • a BitCoin from Brady valued currently at over $62,000

Not a bad trade-off if you don't take into account that the ball is more than likely worth way more than that. Some sports memorabilia experts are now claiming that the ball could be worth over $250,000 currently. Why did Evans throw away the ball? He didn't realize it was the 600th career touchdown for Brady!

Team officials were able to successfully retrieve the ball safely from Kennedy in Largo, Florida, and get the ball back to Brady. Kennedy did do an interview and made the remark that he's hoping he can possibly add a round of golf with Brady to that last.

The deal is done buckaroo, you gave up the ball too soon. I would have held out for way more. The ball also marked a piece of NFL history as Brady also became the first quarterback to ever have 600 touchdowns in a career. Yes, I would have held out for way more!

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