It seems like just yesterday when Hurricanes Laura and Delta blew through Southwest Louisiana and damaged everything in our area. We've all been in rebuild mode since then.

One of those locations that was really damaged due to the storms is the popular White Oak Park on River Road in Lake Charles. The park is managed by the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury (CPPJ) and closed down in late August of 2020 after Hurricane Laura damaged the property.

The White Oak Park reopened to the public in March of this year. The boat launch is also open, but the Police Jury cautions boaters to use it at your own risk, probably due to unknown debris that may be located under the water. When the park reopened in March, the pavilion remained closed, as they were still trying to fix all the damage sustained due to the storms.

We found out yesterday the CPPJ is now accepting reservations for the rentable pavilion at White Oak Park, which is physically located at 5584 River Road in Lake Charles.

Folks rent the pavilion for parties, family events, and wedding receptions. Unfortunately, even though the park is open to the public and now the pavilion is available to rent, the campground’s bathrooms and showers will remain closed until further notice.

For pricing and to inquire on a date to rent the pavilion at White Oak Park, call the Police Jury Facilities management office at 337-721-3549.

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