Over the weekend I asked Gator Country who had the best tasting boudin, and my facebook page exploded! Cajuns and residents all over Southwest Louisiana love their boudin and show their loyalty towards the place they buy such a delicous Louisiana treat.

But which distributor recieved the most votes? According to Gator Country, who has the Best Boudin in Southwest Louisiana?

Here's my Top Five based on recent feedback on Facebook over the weekend.

1. Market Basket locations **Alot of votes for the Maplewood Drive location**

2. Gillis Grocery

3. Peto's **Alot of feedback on their cracklins too!**

4. Sonnier's

5. Sausage Link in Sulphur

Here are some honorable mentions... Lagniappe Meat Market, Abe's, Homsi, and Jimbo's

Thank you for the feedback!