Last week we started a journey. We were going to battle the bulge together. So, how did we do?

Three weeks ago I started at 254 pounds, and today I am at 245. When I started this journey, my original plan was a number of exercises, daily 6 mile walks, 2 meals a day, and DRINK WATER LIKE A FISH. Normally when I set my mind to something, I do not change it. Just my hardheaded personality, I guess.

Well, after about two weeks in, I started having some tightness in one of my knees. I immediately got discouraged.

Then I saw something inspiring on youtube.

Wow, huh?

Now, I am not in Arthur's shoes. I am in mine. But, this single video led me into research mode on DDP Yoga. Long story short, not only did I purchase the a DVD set on this program, but I also bought a dietary meal planning book as well. You see, all the exercise in the world won't help you if you still find yourself eating like a horse. The challenge on the eating side of things is that I am the world's most pickiest eater. Oh, it's bad. For this overall plan to work I would have to TOTALLY leave my eating "comfort zone."

This week, my overall challenge wasn't the DDP Yoga. No! It was the new food and I am proud to write that I haven't turned down one meal, protein shake, or health snack. (Knock on wood.)

I've lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks. That is my secret. How about you?

Taylor Trahan This isn't a weight loss secret but it is my trick for drinking more water. I noticed that I go through WAY more refills if I keep a cup (Yeti cup, Tumbler, etc.) on my desk with water than if I keep a bottle of water. Don't ask me why, maybe it's easier to drink? Probably tripled my water intake just by keeping a cup of ice water as opposed to a bottle. Plus #EnvironmentallyFriendlyha!

Chrissy Arnold Mine is THRIVE! It's not FOR weight loss but I need to lose some of this extra weight and it's put me on the right path! I eat better because I no longer crave sugar and I don't want 5 or 6 Dr Peppers a day! I was never a fan of water but now it's about all I drink!! And I like it!! ( that's the crazy part) I am feeling better every day! Love my Thrive!

Lauren Ann Gilley I had someone write a meal plan that was tailored to my weight loss goals. Shawn Wolfe has a business called Wolf4life. Look it up. He has pictures of the success stories. He is the first to admit that hard work and discipline is what works, his knowledge is the tool that gets you there!

Hey, thank you for sharing you success story!

Until next week, fight the Bulge! We can do this!


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