For guys named Mike who are employed by Sasol North America, this last weekend might have been a little crazy for you. I stumbled across an onslaught of posts asking about Mike from Sasol in a gray Dodge Challenger. I personally know a few, but what exactly happened?

A Facebook user posted a story about how some guy named Mike who works at Sasol pulled into the parking lot of an Advance Auto Parts store in Lake Charles. He was driving a grey Challenger he decided to park on the side of the store. The post went on to say that he told his wife we was working, but that was not the case. The Facebook user even went as far as calling out the name of the person Mike would be spending time with after she picked him up from Advance Auto. Apparently, Miranda picked up Sasol Mike in a red Camaro and they were off to the Golden Nugget.

An hour or so after the original post, we got updated on the situation. Mike called the auto parts store asking if someone had made a post about what he was doing. As a result, his wife found out and was apparently headed to bust the windows out of his car in the parking lot. He asked the store to call the police if she was, indeed, outside of his car. However, there was no confirmation from anyone if the wife had actually shown up to the car at that point.

The final part to our saga ended with Miranda dropping him back off to his car. He got in and left with his wife following him home in a black Honda. To add insult to injury, Facebook is blowing up with various memes and jokes about the whole situation. They were all really good until I ran across this photo. Could this be the car of Mike from Sasol? At least we know he made it to work this time.

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