Rumors have been swirling all over the Southwest Louisiana area for the past few months after the legendary Lake Charles Chinese restaurant, Wok D'Lite, closed its doors a couple of months back.

Personally, I was devastated to hear that news! As long as I can remember, Wok D'Lite has been located on Prien Lake Road just east of Ryan Street, next to Tony's Pizza. I would go there every Monday to eat lunch, and I called it Wok D'Lite Mondays.

People were speculating they weren't going to reopen, but there was great news for us Wok D'Lite lovers, as there is a Facebook group in the lake area called SWLA Restaurant News & Reviews where someone posted that Wok D'Lite wasn't closed forever and they would be reopening their doors in August.

As you can imagine, this made this guy very happy. In the post, the Facebook user stated they talked to the owner of the popular local restaurant, who assured him they would be opening back up in August.

Wok D'Lite Facebook Post
Wok D'Lite Facebook Post

I have been having cravings for some great Chinese food, so I am so happy that a locally-owned business is not shutting its doors forever, and is going to make a comeback. Now, just to find out the date in August they will reopen because I will be the first one in line!

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