Darla Berry caught one heck of a scene walking down White Road in Moss Bluff today. She snapped a picture of what appears to be a bobcat strolling on by. I have seen coyotes roaming around, but never have I seen an actual bobcat taking a stroll anywhere I have been.


Bobcats are typically a little over twice the size of domestic cats, and seeing one randomly out in the open is pretty rare. Although super common in the United States, they tend to stay to themselves and out of sight. Obviously, their name comes from their short tails usually only a few inches long. They can pounce up to 10 feet, and climb

Facebook, Darla Berry
Facebook, Darla Berry

trees with ease. Their typical diet includes rabbits, mice, squirrels, and birds.

Although most of the time they aren't considered aggressive to humans, if they are cornered and threatened they will fight back. This tends to be the same way with domestic animals that might corner them if they step into the wrong area. This doesn't mean you can let fluffy go play with the nice kitty roaming in your backyard. Have some caution and common sense when leaving animals outside to play.

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