Meet Mary Katherine Backstrom. Mary was killing time before picking her kids up from school and decided to stop by a gas station. While she was killing time, she read an article about being in the magical Christmas spirit and became inspired.

Mary goes into the gas station and sees a woman behind her buying ginger ale. She becomes inspired and tells the lady that she wanted to buy her items because it's Christmas. Mary leaves the gas station feeling super inspired and totally engulfed into the Christmas spirit. As she is walking to her car, she notices a man washing the windshield of her car. Completely enamored in the Christmas occasion, she begins to say how magical the day is to this man and begins to hug him for cleaning the windshield of her car randomly. That was until she realized something was off about her car. This is when the story gets absolutely hilarious.

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The video has been viewed over 65 millions times and shared almost 200,000 times. She tries to keep herself together from laughing, but just can't help it during the entire story!

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