Lit Pizza, a Baton Rouge-based pizza place currently has six locations around the east side of Louisiana. Now, it is making its way west to Lake Charles. They have their own signature pizzas that you can order directly off of the menu but you can also build your own with as many toppings as you want. Lit Pizza also offers bottled beer, local craft beer on tap, and lemonade.

Boy (7-9) smiling while looking down at slice of pepperoni pizza
Ryan McVay

The question is, do we really need another pizza place? I remember back a few years ago when the yogurt craze caught on. Suddenly, these random weigh-and-pay yogurt shops popped up all around Lake Charles and quickly died off just as fast as they opened.

These pizza shops seem to be doing the same. Is there really this much of a need for cafeteria line pizza? I am not knocking the current businesses or future ones opening. I hope they are successful and stick around forever, but if it is anything like the yogurt places, which one will ultimately survive? According to their Facebook Page, Lit will be opening in Lake Charles in the Summer of 2020.

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