Over the weekend, social media sites exploded with word that Yeti had cut ties with the NRA. A statement that flew over Facebook was that Yeti was no longer supporting the NRA. Before you go and sell that 65 quart ice chest on the Facebook Market; you should probably remember not to believe everything you read on the internet.

My personal favorite site to check on "internet news" is Snopes.com. They have been around for quite a long time and tend to stay neutral on the information they find. They don't just listen to their cousin's friend that used to have a girlfriend that knows the real story. They do some fact checking. According to Snopes, they found a few "statements" to the contrary of specifically cutting ties with the NRA. The NRA stated that Yeti "no longer wanted to be an NRA vendor". The NRA was not the only vendor they decided to remove themselves from, in fact, they never seemed to single the NRA out at all, according to the "official" release from Yeti that was also circulating. Snopes was never actually able to find a definitive answer on the numerous Yeti social media sites or their actual website.

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Chris Rogers

What does this all mean? Well, it can be interpreted a few ways as you read any of this. It seems that Yeti was restructuring their vendor program and the NRA was a long time "legacy" vendor. Does it affect the NRA? Yes it does, but also other vendors of the same relationship (basically any long time vendor that has been doing business with Yeti). Did they technically cut ties with the NRA? It would seem they removed a long standing relationship of product availability to the NRA, not specifically the NRA, but they are in that fall out. Perhaps the NRA decided to fight back with their release and show Yeti who's boss by putting a dent in their pocket. It's all in what you read, and how you take it. After all, if it's on the internet, is HAS to be true. Right?

If you've got a Yeti ice chest for sale, however, I'd be happy to take if off of your hands.

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