Here we are with another hurricane just weeks on the heels of the biggest storm to hit the area in 150 years. Calcasieu parish residents spent day and night sitting in traffic evacuating to safety, with some traveling hours just to get from Lake Charles to Sulphur.

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Hopefully, you have made it to safety as you read this and are drinking coffee and eating some breakfast this morning. For Laura, I was at my parents' house, broadcasting from their dining room table as it made landfall. This time around, we will be in the Gator studio, keeping you informed about what is going on around us as Hurricane Delta makes landfall later this evening.

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If you have evacuated, you can use our app to stream us live during the day. We will also be going Facebook Live throughout the day to show you what we are seeing as conditions begin to deteriorate as this storm makes its way on land. We hope you stay safe, and we will be here as we recover once again.

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