Two years ago, I asked Dad to come co-host with me during the afternoon show for Father's Day weekend. It was a blast, and we certainly made some memories while doing it. Last year with the pandemic, Dad couldn't come so we just played some recording of him and I together. This time around, the old man is ready to get back on the air once again.

We sat down this week as he was cleaning the kitchen to plan out what all we wanted to talk about. I think he was nervous there wouldn't be much to discuss. We have been through a lot over the last year, and wrote down some topics of discussion. We will talk about riding out Hurricane Laura together, the whole pandemic and his grocery shopping escapades, and his new retirement regime since October of last year. I am sure we will hit on some classic stories about his fireworks being taken away from him by local police, as well.

Join us today from 4:00pm to 7:00pm as we find random Pop Stories to discuss with you on the air. There's no telling what we will end up talking about.

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