As a self-proclaimed snack expert, I was eating some Oreo's the other evening and realize I didn't know the story behind why they're even called Oreo's. That lead to some research followed by other wonderful snacks that I enjoy, mostly to excess, and decided to share the info that I found!

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Twinkie - The one true snack that I would gladly run a mile for. Evidently the bakery that Twinkies were being baked in had a billboard above it. The ad that was on that billboard inspired the name from its quote, "Twinkle Toe Shoes". The ad was catchy to the owner of the bakery, so the name was made. The rest, is history!

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Oreo - The official name of the creamy cookie confection is "Oreo Sandwich Cookie". Mystery apparently surrounds this amazing snack. Some stories I found simply claim it was a catch name that they ran with. Others I read seemed to think the "re" from cream and the two "o"s in chocolate. They "sandwiched" the letters together and voila! Honestly, do we care about the name? Bring me a pallet load of them and a 30 gallon drum of milk.

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Hershey's Kiss - The foil-wrapped treat has an interesting little story. Beginning back in 1907, when they were hand-wrapped, the machine used to drop them on the conveyor belt apparently made a "kissing" noise. That name has stuck and it is one of the most iconic, and most popular selling candies still to this day.

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Doritos - Yes, they're delicious and the powder gets all over your fingers. Plus, as if we didn't think they could get better, Doritos upped their game and started making taco shells. The name, however, has a very interesting history. At Disneyland, of all places, there is a Frito-Lay owned restaurant named "Casa de Fritos". No extra points for that mind buster of a name. Apparently a rouge cook was making them and selling them like crazy at the restaurant. Although, at the time, they had no name; people simply called them "little golden things". Translate that in Spanish and you get "Doritos".

So go ahead, crack open that bag, plop down on your couch, put on some Netflix, and snack away all of your cares.