So yesterday morning while I was laying in bed watching KPLC Sunrise when the news came across that a former Calcasieu Parish Deputy and now a security contractor overseas had been killed in the line of duty.  Then I heard the name Carl Fields.

My heart sank! I literally sat up in bed and rewound my Tivo to see it again because i was in disbelief. Since I was a former police officer, everytime I hear of a police officer or a US soldier being killed in the line of duty it just kills me.  Especially when it was somebody I was close to at one time.

Carl and I worked the same patrol shift at the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office back in 1995.  I memory serves me right we worked the same shift for about four years.  Well when your on the same shift night after night and have the same days off, you become close to the guys you work with and do things with them and your families and kids on your days off.

Mike Soileau and Carl Fields (Photo provided by Mike Soileau)

Our thing was golf.  We played golf almost everyday we had off or when we weren't working security.  I remember we played locally a lot at what was Pine Shadows which closed down a couple years ago.  It was a group of us who all played.

Yesterday I was contacted by KPLC about doing an interview with me about what I remember about Carl.  I guess they has seen my post on my Facebook page with the picture you see above of me talking  about my buddy.

Here is that interview:


KPLC 7 News, Lake Charles, Louisiana

RIP peace my friend.  I miss you and all the great times we had!  Mike Soileau