LSP Troop D identified Louis C McGlone and his videographer Lindsey Hulett and issued arrest warrants for both for skateboarding on an Interstate Highway yesterday. The video, according to the LSP, showed McGlone, 26, creating a hazardous situation for the people involved and other motorists that were on the bridge.

LA State Police Troop D Facebook Lindsey Hulett

McGlone and Hulett were both arrested yesterday for aggravated obstruction of a highway or commerce. The law prevents this type of act on any highway that human life could be endangered. If they are convicted, the could face up to 15 years in prison. After they were arrested, McGlone's mother got on his personal Facebook page stating that his bond was set at $10,000. McGlone was able to bond out of jail for $850, but not before his mother set up a Go-Fund me account for it. As of this morning, McGlone had raised $650 of his $1000 goal.


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