It's getting to be more and more common place for Louisiana movie goers to recognize familiar backdrops, scenery, and even people in the films they're watching. Many  movies are often set in places that resemble home. In fact, many of Hollywood's most popular movie and television shows have a distinct down home feel since they are set, filmed, and produced in our state.

A recent survey among movie industry executives suggested that of the top ten places in the country to make movies and television shows, Louisiana boasts three. Those three places are New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and the Shreveport-Bossier City area.  Chris Stelly with Louisiana's Executive Film Office explained why Tinsel Town has had a growing love affair with these Louisiana communities.

What these communities have done is they’ve embraced the investors that have built the infrastructure needed. They’ve encouraged their citizens to be film friendly. They’ve made the permitting process very easy.

That and the fact that everyone in Louisiana looks like a movie star. Okay, maybe not, but there has been concern according to Stelly about recent changes in the state's incentives to movie makers and TV producers. However, it's the local communities that have bridged the gap where state budgetary concerns have created a rift.

The state has the inventive program of course but it’s really up to our local cities and parishes to shine and show these filmmakers that we can and we will get it done and we’ll get it done for you.

In his comments made in a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network Stelly went on to say that despite recent changes in the state's film tax credit programs, business is booming when it comes to making movies and TV shows in the Bayou State.

Of course NCIS New Orleans, you’ve got Scream, which is the MTV project coming back. You’ve got Scream Queens, you’ve got Salem up in Shreveport.

With even more projects in the pipeline Louisiana star is still shining very brightly in the eyes of the entertainment world.  So don't leave the house without brushing your hair and teeth, your chance at fame and fortune could literally be right around the corner from where you live.



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