Former St. Landry Parish PIO Captain Clay Higgins has announced his resignation from the Sheriff's Department, but what should his next move be?

His weekly 'Crimestoppers' segment made him a worldwide viral star, but now that we won't be seeing him tracking down bad guys on television anymore, what's the next step?

Could he be a featured voice on your GPS? Should Uncle Clay look into becoming the next strength and conditioning coach for the UL Ragin Cajuns? Wouldn't it be great to see him on one of those episode of 'Scared Straight?'

Those all sound great, but we have to at least TRY to be serious about this—so we've come up with a list of five things "Uncle Clay" could do right away.

1. Revamp America's Most Wanted

America's Most Wanted hasn't aired since a short run back in 2013 before being canceled due to poor ratings. Before that, the show "profiled cases involving the search for and apprehension of fugitives wanted for serious crimes." Sound familiar? Higgins would definitely bring some excitement to the show with his unique delivery and his unparalleled tough talk.

2. Full Time Spokesperson

We've already seen Higgins pumping products like Acadian Total Security, and now that he's got more time, he could focus on products and services that are aligned with his Higgins brand. His local work as a spokesman is only the beginning as Higgins could easily pitch products on a national level. Who knows, he could be your next Allstate insurance guy.

3. Run For Public Office

Win McNamee, Getty Images

Higgins for President? As lofty as that may seem, it's an extremely popular comment in many social media threads where his videos are the topic of discussion. If not the leader of the free world, Higgins could aim for a lesser office—like, Lt. Governor or Sheriff. Would he have your vote?

4. Motivational Speaking 


The thing that made Clay Higgins a star was his ability to engage audiences. People looked forward to his weekly segment and many people loved his positivity and his firm belief in redemption. He often spoke of the "mission" he was on as a man of faith, so his motivational speaking would definitely be a hit from churches to board rooms across the country.

5. Work For Another Law Enforcement Agency


Though we don't know the exact reasoning for Higgins resignation, the "change in the parameters of his job" may be a result of the backlash over a recent video where Higgins called out accused members of the 'Gremlin Gang.' Just because things didn't work out for Higgins in St. Landry Parish doesn't mean he won't be appreciated in another parish or law enforcement agency. Also, Higgins did mention during his press conference that he will "still be a cop."

Truthfully, I can't see Higgins without a badge, so the last suggestion may very well be his next move, but only time will tell.

What do you think Clay Higgins' next move should be? Comment below now!