When we get a new restaurant in town, Lake Charles becomes giddy like a kid on free chocolate milk day at school. What are the signs a new place is opening up in Lake Charles?

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1. The local business groups you're in, but you really don't know who added you or how you became a part of them, start talking about it like they have a mafioso connection about breaking news. In actuality, their cousin's friend's uncle knows an electrician that has a friend that ran sound for Skynrd, and is also a plumber who installed the urinals in the bathroom.

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2. You ask people on Facebook what it is and the replies from others are of an "elite" status, shaming you for NOT knowing anything about it. For instance "How have you NEVER heard about it? It's super popular up North. It's about time Lake Charles got with the times." You think to yourself, "Well Scott, it's about time you stopped telling yourself being the "lead server" at IHOP is an elite position, now go get my stuffed French Toast and refill my coffee."

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3. You see an ad in the paper for "self-motivated customer service" jobs. You know it's just a server position, but it sounds too fancy not to apply and leave your job at the crawfish stand.


4. People keep posting pictures in front of the building as if they are some sort of special guest. "All you did was park in the parking lot, Jennifer. You have no idea what they even serve!"


5. You open your Snapchat or Facebook to see your random friends inside of it during its soft opening. Wonder how in the world they got an invite and you didn't? Remember the retired Skynrd sound guy? Those toilets didn't install themselves. That's how.

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6. You finally realize it's the last straw, and head to the restaurant to go see for yourself what the hype is all about. You park two businesses down, wait 2.5 hours, go through three rounds of wrong food orders, and end up paying the bill for the table next to you because Cindy, the recent GED graduate, couldn't figure out how to use the computer and charged everyone wrong. You realize you should have just gone to KD's and avoided all of that "new restaurant hype" for at least 2-3 months when it dies down.

New restaurants are amazing, and bring growth to the SWLA area. However, we tend to beat them up when they first open. Give them some time, let them work the kinks out, and let's hope Cindy can learn her table numbers in the meantime.