Inspiration can come in the smallest ways. This inspiration can be found in a 7 year old boy from the lake area named Channing. Channing learned that there are other kids his age in the area, and the world, that have no homes, no clothes, no food. That was enough to make him upset and decided to do something about it. He talked to his mom and how he wanted to help raise money for those kids that need it.


What better way to help raise money as a 7 year old than to build a lemonade stand! That's just what he did (with the help of paw paw, of course) and got to work! Today he is in Lake Charles on the corner of Louisiana Ave and McNeese Street taking donations for lemonade.

Mike Soileau and I were sitting in the Gator Studio and ran across a live video from his Grandmother. It takes a lot for us to shut up and pay attention, so as soon as we saw Channing talking about why he was selling his lemonade, we rushed down to the place and donated. To hear his story of why he started this is truly inspiring!


Join Mike Soileau and Channing in the morning as he talks about where he will be next and where you can donate and get some amazing lemonade. Helping others has never tasted so sweet.

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