Former LSU Tiger Dylan Crews has been CRUSHING the ball early on at the professional level, much as he did during his time at LSU.

2023 NCAA Division I Baseball Championship
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Dylan Crews has been one of the most sought-after baseball prospects for quite some time after he turned down major money out of high school to make his way to LSU. Dylan improved his stock during his three seasons with the Tigers and was sought to be a top-5 pick in the 2023 MLB Draft.

Dylan would eventually be selected #2 overall by the Washington Nationals. He was selected right behind former LSU Teammate Paul Skenes who was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Dylan hit his first home run a little over a week ago, and as we reported earlier, it was a special one because he hit it in the SAME GAME as his former teammate Gavin Dugas.


Well, since going to the Nationals minor league squad, Dylan has been tearing the cover off of the baseball. With that, Dylan was named the Carolina League Player of the Week on Monday.

“Honestly, I feel great at the plate right now,” Crews said. “It took me a few games to kind of get acclimated, but my swings have been good. I got a couple of pitches that I was able to handle, and I didn't miss them. - Dylan Crews

The former LSU star was promoted to Class-A ball after just 1 game in the rookie leagues. Dylan is quickly making his mark with the Fredericksburg Nationals. Over the last week, Crews has slashed .414/.469/.793 in six games.

Dylan could make his impact in the big leagues by as early as 2024 as he is considered a Top-5 Prospect in ALL of baseball.

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