Aaron Lewis In Concert At Vinyl Inside The Hard Rock In Las Vegas

During a show in Colorado Aaron Lewis called out Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt, Dan + Shay, and Cole Swindell for "choking the life out of country music".

Yes, "choking the life out of country music" were his exact words. He also threw in a few F-bombs, in true foul-mouthed Aaron Lewis style.

I don't think anyone is too surprised about his feelings towards newer country artists, I mean, his latest song "That Ain't Country" is all about it. But, did he really need to call out Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt, Dan + Shay, and Cole Swindell?

I'm not going to lie, this is a weird time for country music. Some people dislike what the genre has become and wish it would be restored to the good old classic country days, while other people are all about "bro-country".

Personally, I like it all. Classic country is where the roots of country music came from, but as with most things in life, things change. Change isn't bad, sometimes change is necessary. The pop-ier sounding country has introduced new generations to country music and given them a starting point to start exploring classic country.

New country isn't bad country. If it was so terrible would Luke Bryan be selling out stadiums? No, he would not.

Aaron Lewis recently defended his "choking the life out of country music" statement saying "I was just trying to play to the crowd I was in front of.  Maybe I didn't need to call out anybody's names, but I stand by my statement." He even said he was friends with Dan and Shay and has "gotten quite drunk" with them.

Yeah, I doubt Aaron Lewis is friends with Dan and Shay. If he was why would he slam them in front of thousands of people?

All I have to say is that country music is country music, whether it's classic or new, and that's what makes it so great.