Facebook contests happen day in and day out. Share, like, comment, tag, stand on your head, and you'll win this key chain. We do it to chase the free swag, and get some bragging rights. A company in Alabama called Roof Doctors, ran a contest to give away a Yeti Ice Chest and some Alabama swag to go along with it. Now, enter Kristen. She decided to follow the directions and give it a share. Could it be because she's a fan, or maybe she just really wants a Yeti and something to start a fire with over the cooler weekend.

alabama yeti 2

Either way, she followed the directions, and the comments began rolling in questioning her sanity! Apparently, my Facebook friend Kristen IS a fan of Alabama afterall and holds her own, firing back her own comments with well placed gifs.

alabama yeti 3

Either way, you have to admire that she's a devoted fan in the midst of Tiger land. Good luck on the contest Kristen, and if you win, I hope you show it all off on Facebook!

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