This last weekend, I was fortunate enough to experience the St Jude Country Cares Seminar. It is a four-day seminar featuring everything there is to know about St Jude and the amazing things they are doing, not only for kids but for the entire world. Although one in five kids lose their battles with cancer, I learned that the sadness and heartbreak with their parents doesn't last as long. Their child lives on in stories to inspire others. These parents turn to speaking about their child's story to inspire the world to donate to St Jude and continue the fight against such a horrible disease.

In 1989, Randy Owen (Alabama), had a wild idea to unite country radio stations around the US. There would be no competition, no station better than the other, no grief with another company. Just focus on the kids. Thirty years later, the St. Jude Country Cares radiothon lives on and continues to help St Jude fight to eradicate childhood cancer. From a chance of survival as low as 10% for some of these diseases, St Jude has moved that mark to 85% and higher, in some cases.


During the seminar, Saturday night is Songwriter Night. The artists it features are always a surprise to everyone. No one knows who will play until they walk out on stage. I can 100% confirm this, I even figured out I knew the production crew this year, and they signed a non-disclosure agreement!

Randy Owen walks out and greets the crowd, then introduces Clint Black, Michael Ray, and Jake Owen. All of these artists have devoted their time and money to Country Cares and St Jude, as if a torch was being passed. They begin to sing a few songs, with Owen finishing up saying to the younger artists that they should play some of their hits since no one cares about some old 80s country music.

owen 1

Michael Ray looks over at Jake and begins to sing Alabama's Lady Down on Love. It was 100% impromptu and an amazing nod to Randy and where the younger guys got their inspiration from. As they're singing, Owen starts to break down and cry (along with the rest of us in the audience).

Our Country Cares Radiothon is coming soon, so be ready to laugh and cry along with us as we go on the air for two days to raise money for the amazing things St Jude is doing for kids, both here and around the entire world.

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