YouTube sensation Puddles the Clown got his start singing covers dressed as a depressed clown with the band Postmodern Jukebox. With them, he showcased his huge baritone voice, and all white (depressed) clown attire. The videos featured Puddles singing Lordes Royals, and a few more covers. That video has now reached over 25 million views and seemed to really catapult his internet fame.

puddles 1

In 2017, Puddles got his time on TV as he sang in front of millions on the hit show, America's Got Talent. He made it through the first round, but was sadly voted off the next night. The show brought him more into the light of an amazing voice and just as wonderful show.

puddles 2

According to his website, Puddles stays quite busy touring all over the US, and is now headed to the big city of Lake Charles, LA. He will be performing for the McNeese Banners Series this year. The announcement was made earlier today on the KPLC Midday show, with the performance date set for April 1, how ironic.

In case you've never heard him sing, here he is doing a cover of Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues mixed in with the Who's Pinball Wizard



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