If you have a pulse, you're probably like me and love Arby's. But did you know their bags are designed for a feat of super strength?

Look, before we talk about their amazing bags, can it get any better than their french dip sandwich? I think not. Arby's Au Jus gravy is so tasty, the first time I tasted it I couldn't believe I was getting this quality of sandwich at a fast food joint. And there's just something about the curly fries. You dip those bad boys in the Arby's sauce, and you got yourself an amazing meal.

All right, back to the topic at hand. If you've never looked at the bottom of an Arby's bag, you've been missing their big secret. Apparently, their bags can hold 25 pounds. This isn't a typo folks, it actually says it can hold that weight.

Austin Bennent, a TikTok user, noticed the statement on the bottom of his Arby's bag and put it to the test.

The video has currently been viewed over 2.3 million times on TikTok.

Austin and his friends reached out to Arby's on social media to inquire why they made their bags so strong, and the company replied with, "Because we have the meats".

That made me laugh out loud.

I love Arby's. They rank #2 on my top five sandwich joints here in SWLA:

  1. Darrell's
  2. Arby's
  3. Subway
  4. Buffi's Peauxboys
  5. Roly Poly

The next time we go eat at Arby's, I'm going to ask for an extra bag and go try this myself.

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