Matt Moscona is the host of After Further Review, a sports show broadcast in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Alexandria, and Cox Sports.

Just 17 hours ago, Matt was headed to Atlanta to broadcast for the weekend during the SEC Championship game. Obviously, being from the Baton Rouge area, Matt is a big LSU fan. As he boarded the plane and sat down, Matt decided to break out in song by playing what LSU fans know as Neck.

The song is actually from a song by Cameo called Talkin' Out the Side of Your Neck. Lots of marching bands play the song, and from some light internet reading on, I was able to figure out a small story of how it came that the Tiger's Marching Band started playing it.

According to "legend", each preseason the band is handed out "filler songs" to play. The year is unclear, but Neck was one of this songs in the early 2000's that the band played to test out. The crowd reacted to it positively, at the time, so the band added it into their repertoire. Later on, LSU fans began to add their own lyrics to the song as opposed to the original lyrics of "Hey, ya talking out the side of your neck". I won't go into details of what the new lyrics are, plus you probably know them already.

Back to Matt. As he boarded the plane and sat down, he decided to crank of a recording of the LSU Marching Band playing the song, along with the "modified" lyrics of the fans. Thus, we get a pretty funny, and cringy video of Matt and his passenger Jacob Hester (@jacobhester18).


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