I always say that you should never truly believe anything you see on the internet. You especially shouldn't believe anything you see on Facebook. One of my favorite hobbies is going back and looking for the truth, or the lie. Some play video games, others use their time wisely, and I just sit and research whether something is real or not. This little picture was my most recent research project.

Blue Bell has been on the ball introducing us to new flavors, the most recent being the Oatmeal Cream Pie Icecream. People went crazy over it and rightfully so. It would be most believable that since they are on this trend of new flavors more than we are used to. When you see a picture of a tub of Blue Bell Ice Cream with Beaver Nuggets on it, knowing that Blue Bell is based in Texas, you would most likely believe it. You'd be wrong, sadly.

I dug around a bit and found out that WFAA in Dallas actually came up with an article on Blue Bell flavor concepts that would be "Texas Inspired". In the article, they do reiterate that the flavors are totally made up and actually were designed by their Digital Video Manager Nick Blackhall. Hey, Nick, if video managing doesn't work out for you, you might have a future in Ice Cream flavor designing!

WFAA and WFAA Digital Video Manager Nick Blackhall
WFAA and WFAA Digital Video Manager Nick Blackhall

One of the flavor concepts was this Whataburger-inspired Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit. Although this design was made by Nick, it seems the OG flavor concept was the brainchild of a graphic designer named Mark Fallis. He designed it as an April Fool's joke, and it went viral in the hopes it was true.

Then we have the picture that everyone went insane over. Currently, on WFAA's Facebook page, the photo has over 3300 comments and over 4500 shares! If I were Blue Bell, I think I'd be taking notes on this flavor. It really doesn't seem far-fetched, and even WFAA said their "brainstorming" session went crazy when they came up with the idea about it.

Will it ever happen? Lord only knows. It's a Texas ice cream company and a Texas-based store. It really should just be a match made in heaven. Let's just hope maybe we get the flavor before we all go to heaven! Check out the rest of WFAA's article for other Texas-inspired flavors of Blue Bell Ice Cream!

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