One of our weekly polls went the way the national polls are going only stronger; the other poll shows no love for a Benson's third wife. Here are the results.

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When America elected it's first black president there was hope that we were taking a giant step in improving race relations in the nation. Six years into the Obama presidency the majority feel the opposite has happened. Some polls show 53% of Americans feel that race relationship has worsened. Our polls shows a much larger majority (75%) feels the same way.

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First there was Bounty Gate. That involved the Saints head coach (Sean Payton.) The owner of the team (Tom Benson) now says "let me grab some embarrassing headlines for the Who Dat Nation and the state of Louisiana." The poor man is not even dead yet and the fight has begun over his fortune.He says he is leaving everything to his third wife; but his daughter and grand kids say "not so fast." He has not ask you how you feel about it .... but we did. You said "give it to his kids" by a 62.5% majority! Not a single person said his fortune should go to his third wife ... but someone did respond to leave the teams to Don Rivers (I love it when my mom takes these polls.)

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