So in the country music world you usually think of a duet as between a guy and a girl but not in this case.  Over the weekend in Frisco Texas during the "Off the Rails Music festival" fans of country music got a surprise as two of the biggest stars in country music sang together.

Blake Shelton was performing at the festival when a fan broke out their cell phone to capture all the action.  Blake was singing his hit "Hillybilly Bone" for the crowd.  Blake originally recorded the song with Trace Adkins.

Well halfway through his performance of the song, who walks out?  It was none other than country music sensation Chris Young. Several fans caught the two singers in action an posted their video's on YouTube.

Here are a couple different looks at the performance.  This first one was right in front of the stage.

This second video was captured by a fan on the side of the stage.

Pretty cool huh?