We haven't seen a full new album come from Shelton since 2017, if you don't count his 2019 release of Fully Loaded which only featured a sprinkling of new songs in it with the rest being hits. During the 2017 release, the Country singer acted like he was done releasing albums after that last release.

Now, it seems we have a full new album from Shelton but there is a catch. The album, titled Body Language, are all songs Shelton did not write. This is fairly common in the music world, but his better half did make the comment that she was a little upset he didn't write any of the songs on his newest album.

Shelton says the newest album does venture out of his normal sound, but wanted to reassure fans there are a few with a genuinely classic Country feel to them. This will be Shelton's 12th album in his career and features two hits we already know, Happy Anywhere and Minimum Wage. The album features songwriters Colton and Zach Swons, former contestants on The Voice along with Josh Thompson, Shane McAnally, and Ross Copperman.

The album's released date is set for May 21, but you can pre-order it beginning April 23.

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