Blake Shelton is opening a new bar and restaurant in Nashville that'll be named "Ol Red" like his song of the same name (released back in 2002.) Lots of country music stars branch out into retail adventures. Gary Allen has a clothing store on Music Row in Nashville, Kenny Chesney has series of Blue Chair Vodkas, and Toby Keith his has multi-location I Love this Bar and Grill business. Brad Paisley has teamed up with Boot Barn and has his own line of clothing, boots and clothing around the country.

Kevin Winter
Kevin Winter

Who did Blake Shelton team up with for his new venture? The Grand Ole Opry! That's right, Ryman Entertainment. The venue is going to be in 26,000 ft. building on the corner of 3rd and Broadway in the Historical district of Nashville.

The plans look beautiful and like they will use space wisely, including an outdoor rooftop space with fire pits, and a place for open jams for bands. Before we start planning a roadtrip here, the venue is expected to open in 2018. They already have their second location slated to go up in Tishomingo, OK., in an old dentist office and the building next to it, that used to be Miranda Lambert's Pink Pistol Retail store before Blake bought it.

Blake said in an interview with Billboard Magazine that he, "hopes that Ole Red will come to rival such historic clubs as Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth, TX, and the Grizzly .Rose in Denver, CO., as notable country-themed destinations."

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