In November of 1978 in Hackberry, LA, Jim and Janie Brown opened up Brown's Food Center. Just a few years later, in 1983, the store expanded from a small 3,600 square feet to a whopping 10,000 square feet! The Browns didn't stop there, a deli and market were opened in Cameron, LA, a convenience store, followed by another Neighborhood Market in Lake Charles. When Rita hit in 2005, the Browns took a hit in Cameron Parish with losses to the Market, Deli, convenience store, and Neighborhood market. After more hurricane set backs through the years, the Brown's Food Center and Brown's Neighborhood Market in Lake Charles have come back each and every time.

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Now, they have online ordering via their Website, where you can order what you want online, and pick it up the same day. They service all boat docks with groceries in Cameron, LA, and the price on a gallon of milk hasn't changed in years. The stores are packed with deals, food, and specialty meats that are all made in house. Did I mention that there is no take on food in Cameron Parish? Cause, yea, that's a thing!

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This Saturday (November 10) we (Your Buddy Russ), will be live on location serving brunch, we are going to cook up, and show off some of the amazing specialty meats that Brown's has to offer from 7am-11am. You will not want to miss this celebration of 40 years in the business, put it on your calendar, and we hope to see you in Hackberry!

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