We've all be there once or twice, the morning after being out all night and you've got a HANGOVER.

So, how do you get over hangover? We asked the question on "The Morning Buzz" and we got some really good responses. Many of the responses we got from our listeners were relatable to "Cajun Country."

Here are some of the best remedies we got for the hangover. We hope this helps.

  • Boudin, Doritos, and Dr. Pepper: People from my hometown, Mamou, swear by this. They rush to T-Boy's in Mamou after a long night on the town.
  • Beer and Coke in the morning: One listener called-in and said he mixes half a glass of beer and half a glass of coke together and it wipes out the headache..
  • Keep Drinking: So many people called-in and wrote-in saying to keep drinking the next morning. One person even suggested to always drink and you'll never get a hangover. I'm not too sure about that one. But I will take a good Bloody Mary while nursing a hangover (with a double shot).
  • Eat Something Greasy: For years many have told me that they eat boudin, fried chicken, or burgers after drinking all night. Is it something with the grease? I'm not sure. But that buffet at Popeye's on Pinhook Rd. may soon be my new destination. Cane's could work too.
  • Eat A Spoon Of Vick's: This was the most bizarre response on the show. A listener said her dad swears by it. We aren't encouraging it---But if it works.
  • Boiled Potatoes and Strawberry Pop: A caller told us to try eating a "salty" potato and chase it with strawberry pop. I don't get this one, but she says it has worked for her in years past.
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Perhaps it's the bread soaking up the alcohol? I'm not sure. But I do love me some grilled cheese sandwiches so I'll give this one a try.
  • Snow Ball and Spicy Boiled Crawfish: A listener from Breaux Bridge told us the snow balls from "Big Chill" do the trick. Plus, you have to incorporate boiled crawfish in the mix. Now this one sounds like something we MUST try.
  • Pedialyte and Advil: This may not be a "Cajun" remedy, but this was the biggest response on the show. Therefore, we thought we'd share it with you. I actually have friends who keep both of these on standby at all times.

Keep this list nearby as we approach Super Bowl Sunday and Mardi Gras. Hangovers can be brutal so it's worth trying a few of these when all that you want to do is stay in a dark room after drinking.

And as always, remember to NEVER drink and drive!!!

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