Did you know the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury has a Facebook page? They do, and it's a great place to get information, especially when tropical systems like Harvey are in the Gulf of Mexico.

The most important information they have shared up until now is this: Stay prepared.

Those of us who have lived in Louisiana for the last decade have become very familiar with the slogan "Get A Game Plan" created by the governor's office. We have also experienced close calls since Hurricane Rita basically obliterated the Cameron Parish coast in 2005. Please don't let that deter you from being ready should you be asked to evacuate. Please don't let that be a reason to let your guard down.

Storms are not a reason to panic, but they most certainly are something to pay attention to.


From 4PM Advisory Wed 8/23/ NHC Facebook
From 4PM Advisory Wed 8/23/ NHC Facebook


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