Some LSU football fans are wondering after last Saturday if the Tigers still have a shot at the college football playoffs if they beat Georgia in the SEC Championship.

First off, LSU didn't help their cause by losing to an unranked Texas A&M last Saturday. The Tigers lost that game 38-23 and were handled by the Aggies most of the game which didn't impress the voters at all.

LSU was ranked #6 in the college football playoff rankings before that game. Then on Sunday, the AP and coaches polls came out and the Tigers fell to #11 in the AP Poll and fell down the poll to #13 in the coaches poll.

LSU v Alabama
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That's the first sign that the Tigers are most likely out of the hunt. But then Tuesday, the weekly college football playoff rankings came out and LSU fell hard and fell fast. They went from being ranked #6 in the country to now being ranked #14. They dropped nine spots in the most important poll of them all.

The Tigers will face off against the Georgia Bulldogs in the SEC Championship game this Saturday afternoon in Atlanta, Georgia which will basically be a home game for the Bulldogs. Georgia is the #1 ranked team in the country in all polls and is undefeated. LSU sits with a record of 9-3.

So to get to the question at hand, if LSU beats Georgia, will they make it into the playoffs? I think we all know the answer to that but if you're on the fence, we would say probably not. In the history of the college football playoffs, no three-loss team has ever made it into the top 4.

All we can hope for LSU fans is to win the SEC Championship and receive a decent bowl invitation.

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