Our good buddy and local Red Barn country music recording artist, Charlie Wayne, has a new single that was released today and is available for download.

The new single is called Lonely and let us tell you, it is terrific! We have spun it a few times during our Hometown Country feature at 6:40am each morning.

Charlie Wayne is a newcomer to country music but his sound sounds like he has been doing it for years. His first single, If You Showed Up was a huge regional hit.

His followup single is this one, Lonely, and will be part of an upcoming album he is working on.

Meg Cannon Photography
Meg Cannon Photography

Since his first single came out, Charlie has been playing on some really big stages. He performed at the Iowa Rabbit Festival this year and coming up on Saturday, May 4th, he will headline the Louisiana Pirate Festival.

You can get his new single starting today on iTunes, Spotify, and other music downloading platforms. Make sure you scoop this one up!

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