The online company, Polar Products, produces and sells products designed to cool off the human body. Apparently, they are very thorough in their product applications. Introducing the Polar 58 Bra Coolers. These cooling ice packs are placed in your freezer for a few hours, or a fridge, and will stay at a "comfortable" 58°F.

They claim the cleavage coolers will work for up to two hours, depending on the ambient temperature and your own body temp. Price-wise, a pair of them will run you $37.11 for cup sizes up to a C. If you are a bit more blessed in the bosom, you can click on D and it will just add a second pair of them to your cart.

If you are real serious about "nipping" the heat in your boulder holder, you can upgrade to the Breast Cooler. This includes eight of the Bra Cooler packs in each, four for each ta-ta. It was originally designed for mastectomy patients for pain relief. These aren't cheap though, with a pair running you over $80.

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Personally, I wouldn't be ashamed to rock a set for my own man glands, but I am a little offended I didn't see one for dudes. Guys need a little cooling off south of the border too.