Are you really in the music industry if Chris Stapleton hasn't sung on your record? He seems to be THE guy to sing a duet with whether you're male or female. Last night in Tennesee, John Mayer was set to play the Bridgestone Arena. He flew in Wednesday night and called upon Stapleton to come and be a guest during the show. The concept from Stapleton was to each sing one of their songs. That was until Chris Stapleton suggest they write a song together and perform it. You read that right, write a song in a day, and then go performed it live on stage during Mayer's show.

Stapleton Mayer 1

Well, that's just what they did. They introduced the world to the collaborated song by Stapleton and Mayer called I Just Remembered That I Don't Care. They made it look easy. The song talks about a love interest walking all over them even through they worshiped the ground they walked on. Then the chorus kicks in remembering they just don't care. The song's verses go back and forth and the duo singing harmony during the chorus. After they debuted the song, they broke into Mayer's famous Slow Dancing in a Burning Room and just nailed it.

I really hope this song makes it to Mayer's next album, it was absolutely amazing and a perfect example of how truly talented both Chris Stapleton and John Mayer both truly are.

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