I remember when Cicis Pizza first opened in Lake Charles. I was addicted to the mac and cheese pizza, not to mention the taco pizza. Pretty much I was in husky kid heaven amongst the plethora of pizzas on the buffet.

2020 was not very kind to restaurants, let alone buffets in general around SWLA. Having a buffet of food in the open while a global pandemic is happening is not the best way to stay in business, let alone attempt to turn a profit. The only thing on the buffet for Cici's Holdings was to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The filing comes in the wake of Chuck E. Cheese doing the same thing just last year. They made a power move during the pandemic by attempting to sneak in a new company featuring delivery. People got wise to the move and pulled the curtain back once they realized it was just a new name for Chuck E. Cheese. It ended with the rat's pizza filing in mid-2020.

The good news is that it seems the new buyer of Cicis Pizza, D&G investors, will continue to operate its 308 locations as normal, as confirmed by the Lake Charles location.

That should put all of our buffet-seeking minds at ease as we loosen our belts another notch and head in to eat all the pizza we can, then complain about eating too much on the drive home.

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